Mareiwa Cafe Colombien Inc

flavored cold brew coffee drinks


Combia offers cold brew coffee from Quebec made with top quality ingredients. Combia presents a cold brew with authenticity, taking the cold coffee experience beyond refreshment!

See company profile enclosed SME, women-owned, youth-owned and operated start-up that emphasizes in coffee based products. Company started as an importer of green coffee beans and then coffee undergo process of toasting and roasting in Canada, then adding value. Coffee beans are in the process of being offer through retailers in Quebec. Second phase of the company is to manufacture retail products such as COLD BREW / CAF INFUS FROID with multiple flavors and nutritional attributes (including a mix with alcohol at 5%) Company employees 7 staff and given the Colombian national origin of the owner, she wants to explore exports of Quebec manufactured coffee bottled drinks Company is in the process of obtaining the import registrations with Colombian


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