About the festival

The Canadian Flavors [Virtual] Food Festival is 4 days of direct connections with Canadian food, beverage, and ingredient companies ready to expand their international reach.









Attendees are supermarket, specialty retail, c-store, food service, food distribution, food manufacturing, and alcohol importers, distributors, and retailers looking to find new products from innovative brands that come from a country with global reputation as a supplier of safe and high-quality products. Suppliers available for meetings during the Festival are representatives of the world class agri-food, beverage, and seafood sectors throughout Canada.

Over 4 days, you will be able to choose the suppliers, sessions, and special events that are relevant to you — and, don’t say we told you, but you can ignore the rest. As you build your Festival, you will receive confirmation emails with Zoom links that will let you connect the day of the program.

Besides being a virtual program that is tailored to your schedule — heck, you practically build your own program — you will have the option to receive a customized sample kit containing just the products you’re interested in. And did we mention there is no cost to participate?



4 days, 9 categories
Kick of the week with two days that place an emphasis on natural and specialty products. Start your Monday with a slew of suppliers in bakery, deli, frozen, and health & wellness categories and keep the energy rolling on Tuesday with grocery and snack sessions.
Our center of the week, center of the plate day includes a focus on value-added meats & seafoods that can be found on the shelf and in the kitchen alike. Finish out the week with bulk and ingredient suppliers who specialize in plant proteins and organic commodities.


Whether you need a beverage to help you perk up or wind down, we have you covered at our beverage B2B program on Monday, March 22.

Alcoholic Beverages

If you’re an importer or distributor of beer, wine, or spirits, visit the Tasting Room.

Also check out the special events — we have multiple beer and wine tastings scheduled throughout the week and are inviting qualified distributors,, retailers, and food service attendees to taste with us.


  • Monday & Tuesday

    12PM 5PM

  • Wednesday

    10:30AM – 12:30PM & 4PM– 6PM

  • Thursday

    1PM– 6PM

Other Programs

When not finding your newest suppliers, take some time to hear from the experts and industry associations shaping the field. Webinars will be added weekly, so stop in regularly to see what new chances there are to learn about the state of the Canadian industry and how you can best take advantage of it.
And don’t forget to check out the special events we are hosting along with our industry partners. These events highlight specific food & beverage companies — some participating in the B2Bs and others new — and are open to members of our partner organizations and qualified invitees. Special events will continue to be added as we approach the Festival.


Navigating the Organic Market

Canadian Organic Trade Association

Export Café

Canadian Trade Commissioners in the U.S.

Bill Greuel

Protein Industries Canada