It’s been over a year of being together, apart. But we don’t think it is unfair to say that navigating the world of virtual platforms can sometimes be more frustrating than being stuck in rush hour on the way to the airport. We tried to keep it simple.

The Canadian Flavors Food Festival empowers attendees to pick the programs that work for them and skip the rest. As an attendee, you will be at the Festival only when relevant to you. And we make it easy to be here when you want and be somewhere else when you don’t. After all, with the supplier line up we cooked up, we are pretty confident you will want to stick around.

Each session at the Festival is coordinated through custom, private Zoom links that are sent directly to an attendee’s email upon registration. One of our staff members will review your session requests and complete the registration for each session. As you are registered for sessions, you will receive these emails and can add to your calendar directly. No need to check in throughout the day to see if a session has started and no surprise virtual networking breaks.

We can’t promise that things will go off without a hitch, but we have made convenience one of our top priorities — right behind finding some of the best suppliers from British Columbia to Nova Scotia and everywhere in between. Keeping this in mind, we built multiple avenues for attendees to engage. Pick the path that is best for you.


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