Canadian Flavors Food Festival

Bucha Brew

Grapefruit (Launch Spring 2021); Mango (Launch Spring 2021); Raspberry (Launch Spring 2021); Spritz (Summer 2021); Cucumber and Mint (Summer 2021)

Arlo is an organic ‘Hard Kombucha’ naturally fermented to 4% ABV. Arlo comes in a 4-pack in 355ml tall cans. Made with tea and real fruit ingredients – Arlo is the life of the party!

Arlo is a West Coast company that has created a delicious beverage by pairing the naturally occurring alcohol found in kombucha, with extraordinarily delightful flavors. The drinks are created to be enjoyed and shared with good people. Arlo is brewed by Bucha Brew Ltd. (est. 2016), based in Delta, BC, Canada. Strategically located 20 km from YVR/10km Delta Port/50km USA border, our 8,000 sq. ft. manufacturing, production, and warehouse space has the capacity for 1,500,000 cans per month.

Minimum order: 1 pallet (12 cans/case, 192 cases/pallet)


Festival Participation Days:

  • Multiple - Beer, Wine, Spirits Program


  • Alcohol - Other
  • Beer