Canadian Flavors Food Festival

Fallentimber Meadery

Meadjito, Honey Buck, Mr. Pink, Hopped Mead (Coming Soon: Traditional and Saskatoon Meads)

Fallentimber Meadery is a family owned and operated Meadery located in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. After 3 generations of honey production, exploration into fermenting honey began; 10 years in it continues and Fallentimber has grown into one of the largest meaderies in the world. Starting with “traditional” style meads (meads that look more like wine) and moving on to carbonated products like Meadjito have accelerated growth. A new production facility was built in 2018 and Fallentimber is now prepared for up to 1000% rapid volume increase. Meadjito has been the best performing product since 2017 and is a registered trademark in Canada and the US. With the other three carbonated meads in tow, these are the focal point of our export priority, with other opportunity layering on as they come or as needed. We have a US importer lined up and are working through the TTB lab for the products above then moving on the COLA.

Volumes sold last year:  25,000 L on premise; 150,000 L off premise

Minimum order: 10 pallets, 100 flat configuration



Festival Participation Days:

  • Multiple - Beer, Wine, Spirits Program


  • Alcohol - Other
  • Beer
  • Wine


  • Calgary International Beer Festival Award