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House of BBQ Experts

Producer and distributor of BBQ seasonings and sauces for grilling or kitchen

Two brothers, creators of flavors, who want to share their passion with everyone who love to play with flames. From selling BBQ’s and attending BBQ competitions came the demand for them to share their expertise and talent around grilling. They launched their proprietary line of BBQ products. We offer our own flavors inspired from BBQ competitions and applicable anywhere; for anyone who just loves to create great meals at home. The selection includes over 20 BBQ sauces, rubs, and dry marinades as well as accompanying accessories and fuel types for smoky flavors’ layering.

Product list:

– Montreal Dry Marinade and Rub

– Kansas Dry Marinade and Rub

– Argentina Dry Marinade and Rub

– California  Dry Marinade and Rub

– Caribbean  Dry Marinade and Rub

– Sweet Dream Sauce

– Ketchot  Sauce

– Colonel Mustard  Sauce

– Sweet Lemon  Sauce

– Maple Bourbon Sauce

Minimum order: 12 which is a box’s quantity

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Festival Participation Days:

  • 3/23 - Tuesday


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