Canadian Flavors Food Festival

Sheringham Distillery

Seaside Gin and Kazuki Gin

Sheringham has been producing internationally award-winning spirits since 2015 on Vancouver Island, Canada. Seaside Gin was created during a walk on the ocean beach as founders took in the scents of the ocean and the forest: roaring saltwater surf, evergreen trees, and wild roses. The idea was to encapsulate these aromas into a gin. Dried wing kelp seaweed is used in Seaside Gin, creating a tiny amount of brininess enhancing the other flavors. Kazuki Gin was born out of the love of Eastern and Western cultures. Handpicked and dried cherry blossom petals and yuzu peel is imported from near Kyoto, Japan, and green tea leaves and flowers are locally obtained from Canada’s largest tea farm. The result’s a very well balanced and flavorful sipping gin.

We import via American Spirits Exchange, ASE, and have distributors in NV and GA and CO to date. Products are also sold internationally to France, Taiwan and Hong Kong….soon to be Germany as well.

Volume sold last year: 42,000 liters on premise; 6,500 liters off premise

Minimum order: 1 case of six 750ml bottles


Festival Participation Days:

  • Multiple - Beer, Wine, Spirits Program


  • Spirits


  • World Gin Awards London, UK: "2019 World’s Best Contemporary Gin"
  • 2019 CASC Best Artisan Spirit