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Shivani’s Kitchen

Experience the bold, authentic flavors of India with Shivani's Kitchen spice blends and ready to use sauces

Shivani’s Kitchen makes it easy for customers and companies to create, and experience the bold, authentic flavors of India at their homes, restaurants, and wholesale.

Experiences with authentic Indian products. A shift towards healthier foods. Free from gluten, artificial ingredients/flavors, additives, and preservatives. Adventurous food consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z, are seeking out new and different flavors from around the globe, Shivani’s Kitchen developed products for food consumers, and the growing global bold, authentic, marketplace.

Our products have:

-No salt, no gluten, and no preservatives

-Ready to use sauces are vegan or vegetarian

-Ready to use sauces are quick and easy to use (save up to 45 minutes of making authentic Indian meal)

Product List:

Spice Blends:
-Butter chicken masala
-Curry masala
-Garam masala
-Vindaloo masala
-Chai masala
-Tandoori masala

Ready to use sauces:
-Vegan butter chicken sauce
-Vegetarian butter chicken sauce
-Tikka sauce
-Curry sauce
-Korma sauce

Minimum order: 1 pallet

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Festival Participation Days:

  • 3/22 - Monday
  • 3/23 - Tuesday


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  • Free from gluten