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Spririt Bear


The Spirit Bear Story: Legend says that Raven was sent by the creator of the universe to redesign the earth after the cleansing of the first great ice age. After Mother Earth added the foliage, Raven made all the new animals big and small. Lastly, he made the Spirit Bear, white as the Raven himself. The Spirit Bear is the symbolic gift of peace and harmony to all creatures of the earth. This story is also known as The Legend of Moksgmol. Its what inspired the Spirit Bear Coffee Company Inc. to come to life.

Born in March 2006 with Indigenous roots, we sell Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic quality coffee in over 600 locations across Canada. Our blends, named after the animals of the Northwest, range from light to dark roast and all impress with quality. With social and environmental awareness at the heart.

Product list: Raven (Espresso); Frog (Breakfast Blend); Eagle (Medium Roast); Orca (Dark Roast); Thunderbird (Dark French Roast); and Dolphin (Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated)

Minimum order: 150

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Festival Participation Days:

  • 3/22 - Monday


  • Beverage


  • Canadian Council of Aboriginal Businesses Certified
  • Free from nuts