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Stoked Oats

Gluten Free and Organic Oatmeal Blends

Stoked Oats was founded in April 2011 by three oatmeal loving athletes. Unable to find the ultimate breakfast to support their busy and active lifestyles, they began making their own oatmeal blends. We produce the healthiest and best tasting oatmeal on the market, and all blends include highly nutritious “superfood” ingredients.

One of Canada’s top-3 natural oatmeal brands, Stoked Oats has become the breakfast of choice for health-conscious individuals and families who want to put the cleanest, and most nutritious ingredients into their bodies. Through exceptional customer service, grassroots event support, and an unwavering commitment to quality, we have built a loyal and passionate following across Canada. For 2021, we are focused on meeting consumer needs with new innovation and continuing to grow brand awareness.

Product list: Stone Age, Bucking-Eh, Mountain Maple, Aphrodisi-oats, Redline, Run of the Mill Rolled Oats, and Run of the Mill Quick Oats

Minimum order: 26 pallets with the potential of 30 – single stacked 53’ trailer

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Festival Participation Days:

  • 3/23 - Tuesday


  • Grocery


  • Free from gluten
  • Certified Organic by EcoCert (USDA, Canada and EU)