Canada Innovates Categories

Alternative Protein

Products that substitute plant protein where animal protein is typically found or that pack the protein into plant-based products.

Better for You

Products that have superfood qualities or offer nutritional benefits.


Products that include CBD and hemp.

Gut Check

Products that contribute to a healthy digestive system.   

Less Sugar

Products with less sugar than competitors.

Pass the Snacks

Products that are great for snacking occasions.

Superfood Ingredients

To the Source

Products whose ingredients can be traced to the source.

Trendy Tech

Technologies that provide users with waste reduction solutions and products that utilize unique enhanced food safety technologies

Unique Processing or Packaging

Products created with unique processing methods or that employ creative packaging solutions.

Zero Proof

Beverages sans alcohol.

Canada Innovates Attributes

Clean Label

Diverse Suppliers

Free From...




Organic / Natural