Ideally Canadian Categories

Animal Product Alternative

Companies who are intentionally replacing animal products with plant-based alternatives, including those companies who produce vegan products in categories where it is not typical.

Authentic Flavors

Companies who are producing products based on an ethnic or cultural heritage in which the ownership or employees identify.

Diverse Supplier

Companies whose ownership could qualify under supplier diversity programs, such as: woman owned, indigenous owned, visible minority owned, LGBT+ owned.

Ecosystem Emphasis

Companies who implement strategies to preserve the ecosystem, including soil & water conservation plans, crop rotation or nutrient cycling, rotational grazing, wildlife conservation and habitat preservation programs.

Humane Practices

Companies who employ practices to minimize the suffering of animals, including allowing animals to express natural behaviors, free range, human transportation and handling, and humane slaughter. Also includes the elimination or reduced use of antibiotics in livestock and seafood.

Less Chemicals

Companies who reduce chemical inputs in agricultural practices. Specifically refers to the reduction or elimination of chemicals in plant products or plant inputs given to livestock or seafood.

Sustainable Harvest

Companies who limit harvest of livestock, seafood, or animal by-products (such as honey) in order to preserve the ecosystem balance and maintain optimal health.

Waste Reduction Processes

Companies who employ technologies or recycling techniques in order to reduce waste output.

Wealth Builder

Companies who are creating pathways to wealth creation for individuals though employee ownership, family ownership, or other means. Also include companies who build wealth “downstream” through strong supplier programs, such as Fair Trade certification or supporting small businesses.

Ideally Canadian Attributes

Clean Label

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