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vegan omega-3 nutrients
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Algarithm offers plant-based omega-3s in versatile forms and delivery methods. Algarithm omega-3s top the charts in stability, versatility, and fresh, undetectable taste. With revolutionary, environment-friendly technology and remarkable yum, Algarithm’s innovative and delicious ingredient solutions make taking omega-3s easy and enjoyable for everyone.

AlphaMega3 algal DHA oil is derived from a strain of wild-sourced micro-algae, initially discovered and isolated from the pristine coastal waters of the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada. Providing a minimum of 400mg/g of Omega-3 DHA, the algal oil undergoes an environmentally-friendly, chemical-free extraction process to eliminate virtually all traces of taste and odor – making the beautifully tasteless oil an ideal ingredient in foods and beverages, especially where manufacturers want the nutritional benefits of plant-derived Omega-3 DHA without an underlying marine smell or taste.

You can find Algarithm’s ingredients in traditional dietary supplements (prenatal vitamins, kids gummies…etc.), new innovative forms like liquid emulsions ( and in plant-based seafoods like Good Catch and Sol Cuisine.




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