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Allive Supernutrition Ltd.

hemp based nutritional ingredients: hemp protein, seed, oil
Vancouver, British Columbia

Allive is an integrated hemp company with operations in Europe, Canada and USA. As growers and manufacturers of premium Baltic and Canadian hemp, we partner with some of the leading nutrition brands to bring pure, powerful hemp-based ingredients, and superfoods to market. Through state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and direct relationships with farmers, we are pushing the boundaries on cultivation and product development through a model that integrates exceptional benchmarks for social and governance standards into our business plan.

Through state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and direct relationships with farmers, we cater to businesses who are on a mission to provide nutrient dense products to their customers in a sustainable way. By working directly with hemp growers who are stewards for the planet, mindful of what goes into the earth, we are elevating farming standards. From seed to shelf, every step of our process is built around the careful intent to bring about the best outcomes.

Our Mission: Our main focus is to promote hemp as a sustainable ingredient for everyday life, whether it’s in the form of nutrient-rich superfoods, therapeutic applications, or fiber for textiles.

At Allive, we are working to improve health and wellness through the responsible development of hemp-based consumer products. Underpinning our success is a team that plans, strategizes, and leads by example, leveraging a tremendous depth of talent and know-how to grow operations, execute on our business plan, and build value for shareholders and partners.


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