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oat-based drinks, bars, and ice cream
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Oatdeal has a line of flavored gluten-free oatmeal smoothies with added probiotics and prebiotics–simply mix with hot milk or milk replacement! Oatdeal products provide a hot, smooth, filling drink with digestive benefits. Oatdeal’s line of OATBOOST is a unique smoothie and yogurt booster. The combination of probiotics, oats and prebiotics aids in protein and nutrient absorption. With no added sugars, sweeteners or flavors, OATBOOST comes plain so as not to interfere with the yogurt or smoothie flavors.

Oatdeal also is launching a vegan ice-cream made with oats and plant based proteins.



  • Alternative Protein
  • Gut Check
  • Less Sugar


  • Clean Label
  • Diverse Suppliers
  • Free From...
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic / Natural


  • Free from added sugars
  • Free from dairy
  • Free from gluten
  • Free from soy
  • Vegan