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Planet Shrimp

aquaculture pacific white shrimp
Alymer, Ontario

Planet Shrimp has built North America’s first closed containment, clear-water commercial-scale producing shrimp aquafarm conveniently located in Aylmer, Ontario that produces pure, clean shrimp freshly frozen IQF and packaged within 6 minutes of harvesting. Bolstered by patented technology, intellectual property, proprietary engineering, management and industry experience, food industry/consumer enthusiasm and passion, and Ocean Wise endorsement, Planet Shrimp is the first company in North America that has developed the science and technology to successfully grow, produce on a commercial scale, distribute and market pure shrimp – grown in shallow, clear, filtered water with only ocean salt and natural feed added – and absolutely nothing else – no chemicals, no additives, no pesticides, fungicides, antibiotics, hormones – no nothing.

The shrimp are sustainably and responsibly raised in a closed-loop bio-secure recirculating aquafarm with automated feeding and water treatment. Our proprietary and patented system design, engineering and technology enables us to produce 20x the yield of traditional outdoor shrimp farms in less than 5% of the footprint. The Ocean Wise recognition is a testament to Planet Shrimp’s standards, practices and complete commitment to perfectly delicious, nutritious and safe, sustainable shrimp forever free of harmful chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, toxins, plastics and pollutants. Planet Shrimp is Shrimp, Perfected.


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  • Antibiotic Free
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