Acme Agriculture & Food, Ltd.

Grain, Oil Seed, Specialty Grains

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Our company ACME Agriculture and Food Ltd. is a certified organic handler and food distributor in Toronto, Canada. Our organic value added grain and oil seeds products are being sold in food networks and supermarkets in Ontario. We also buy and sell specialty and organic seeds.

The corporate mission of the company is — To deliver high quality, healthy food products “from earth to table” that will improve human health, promote sustainable agriculture, contribute to Canadian economy, and protect our environment. The main business activities of Acme Agriculture & Food Ltd. consist of agricultural crop production, food processing & distribution, and food research/development/innovation.

The company operates at three locations namely Vaughan (certified organic handling facility by Pro-cert), Haileybury (industrial facility for the procurement and distribution of seed products), and Haileybury (organic farm for various specialty grains and raspberry).


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