Agri Magic

Non-GMO soy and Non-GMO Identity Preserved soy


Agri Magic is a family-owned business located in Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague that began in 2001. The Vinet family proudly dedicates themselves to the sale of seeds, the purchase of non-GMO soybeans, and the storage and bagging of identity-preserved, non-GMO soybeans, mainly destined for the international market.

The family business has evolved rapidly since its inception. From four 150 metric tons silos in 2001, it can now accommodate 20,000 metric tons of soybeans in 32 silos and a soybean dryer. Agri Magic stores and bags Non-GMO Identity Preserved soy, as well as SQWH soy. The company is committed to providing premium quality products, with its high performance standards and strict requirements and procedures.

Bags available in 30kg, 500kg, 1000kg and bulk
Updated: October 2023


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