Agrisco Supplies Corporation

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British Columbia

Agrisco Supplies Corp is a group of individuals who have many years of experience in agriculture, who have come together to provide quality consultancy and incubator services and products to farmers navigating the complex landscape of modern agriculture. The agriculture industry today is going through massive changes; whether its new equipment for use in the field, software used to manage your resources or updated knowledge about the environment. To succeed in the agriculture industry farmers need to stay up to date to grow a successful and sustainable business. Our expert team brings a unique combination of farming experience, business skills, technical training and education together to help farmers and agriculture producers. Whether you are just starting out or have been running a generations rich family farm, our expertise will be valuable as you move into the future. Ag-Tech Venture Acceleration Program promotes agriculture technology innovation and commercialization by providing start-up and early stage agri-tech technology entrepreneurs in the Fraser Valley with the coaching and resources they need to maximize commercialization opportunities and accelerate growth.


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