Agrocorp International, Inc.

Animal Feed, Cotton, Edible Nuts, Grains, Oil Seeds, Pulses, Rice, Sugar, Edible Nuts

British Columbia

Constantly working towards a better nourished world through responsible and sustainable sourcing of agri-food products and building enduring partnerships all along the supply chain.

Canadian products:

Wheat is a major part of our grain complex. We move about 4 million MT of wheat annually, with Canada, India, Ukraine, Russia, USA, Argentina, Australia, France, Bulgaria, India as our key origin markets. We supply to several countries in South East Asia as well as Bangladesh, Pakistan, UAE, India, China and Turkey.

We trade an annual volume of about 600,000 MT of oilseeds. We source majorly from countries in South & North America and our key destination markets include Bangladesh, Vietnam, Chin, Pakistan, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Tanzania and Ethiopia.
Soy Beans – Canola – Flax Seeds – Rape Seeds – Sunflower Seeds – Sesame Seeds – Niger Seeds – Mustard Seeds – Lin Seeds

We are one of the leading movers of pulses and beans, recording volumes of about 1.5million MT in 2017. We mainly supply to consumers in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Colombo, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt and UAE. Our key sourcing markets includes Canada, where we own and operate 4 processing plants. We also source from Australia and Myanmar amongst others.
Black Matpe – Lentils – Pigeon Peas – Kabuli Chickpeas – Yellow Peas – Green Peas – Mung


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