Amazstev Lifestyle Brands, Inc.



AmazStev Inc. is a Montreal-based food ingredient company that specializes in sugar reduction for food and beverage products. Consumer awareness and the regulatory advancements have generated important pressure on food and beverage manufacturers to develop reduced or sugar-free products that are not only delicious, but natural as well. Most of the growth in natural, non-caloric sugar alternatives has been captured by natural sweeteners such as Stevia Leaf Extract and Monk Fruit Extract. However the rate of adoption and growth of these ingredients in the market has not has not been as rapid as had been projected by industry experts, in large part due to their bitter and unpleasant aftertastes until now! AmazStev has developed a technology, a process we call NuSense , that improves the taste of natural sweeteners. Our process, which is water-based and does not affect the molecular integrity of the extracts, not only eliminates the bitter aftertaste, but improves the overall sweetness perception and generates great flavor synergies with the foods to which our products are combined. We currently have early sales traction with local and regional players with our MVP: AmazStev UltraDulce Stevia Sweetener, and are closing our seed round in order to establish our own pilot-scale HACCP-certified production space in Canada, hire application specialists and expand our IP and product portfolios to go beyond stevia extracts.


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