BioNovations, Inc.

Live Seafood, Live Seafood Transport, Live Seafood Holding

Nova Scotia

BioNovations manufactures, designs and customizes live seafood holding systems for clients ranging from fishers, hotels, restaurants, retailers and wholesalers. BioNovations works with clients to design systems that hold the largest volume of product per cubic foot of floor space.

BioNovations’ holding tanks are made from food-grade polyethylene and are fully insulated for maximum energy efficiency. BioNovations’ live seafood holding systems range in capacity from 250 lbs / 114 kgs and up. BioNovations systems are simple to set up and easy to maintain. The holding systems are optimized for low water usage. With proper maintenance water changes will never be required. BioNovations Traystor holding tanks are stackable solving the problem of limited floor space.

BioNovations is a global leader in designing and providing a customized line of holding systems with our systems in over 20 countries all around the world.


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