Breton Tradition 1944, Inc.

Pork Products, Livestock Feed


Fully integrated producer of pork products operating their own farms, feed mills, slaughterhouses, and finished product facilities.

Client is a major industry player in agriculture process. Breton contributes to produce animal food fed with biological grains coming from all over the world and exporting meats and solutions in agriculture business into major foreign markets. Breton has been approached by Ukrainian middleman provider of biological grains and need cross reference and bona fide information about this enterprise. also Breton wants to know how to assure a possible financial transaction.

Breton Tradition 1944 is a company active in the agricultural and agri-food sectors since 1944. From livestock feed to ready-to-eat foods, from pig farming to meat processing, Breton Tradition 1944 and its subsidiaries have developed unparalleled expertise in their various areas of specialization. This innovative know-how has made us the North American leaders in natural and organic pork production.


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  • Organic Certified