By the Water Shellfish, Inc.

Seafood Products

Prince Edward Island

By the Water Shellfish Inc. is a live lobster holding and shipping company located in Borden, Prince Edward Island, Canada and was founded by experienced fishing experts in 2003. The facility consists of eight holding tanks that utilize fresh nutrient-rich seawater wells, which helps to maintain lobster at a healthy weight and texture. The facility tanks can hold up to 750,000 lbs of live lobsters, which allows supply fresh Atlantic Canadian lobster year round as well as whole cooked lobster, whole cooked frozen lobster, frozen lobster meat, frozen lobster tails and world famous Malpeque oysters! Marina Fomitcheva,


  • Atlantic Lobster
  • Live Lobster
  • Fresh Lobster
  • Cooked Lobster
  • Malpeque Oysters
  • Scallops
  • Blue Fin
  • Tuna Smelt
  • Halibut


  • Frozen
  • Seafood