Canadian Food Wholesaler

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Propulsion Courtier Inc is the legal registered name operating as Canadian Food Wholesaler Horizons Guidance on Trading Houses – If you have doubts that the product is of Canadian origin, request from the trading house a list of their suppliers and a contact at each to verify this information. If the product is not of Canadian origin or if there is not some kind of value-added in Canada, the company will not qualify for TCS service for that particular service request and should be referred to an appropriate resource. Why is this organization a TCS client? How will TCS services help grow its business in Canada? Why is it seeking support from the TCS? Please do not enter publically available information. Please specify your post and the date.—–Pourquoi cette organisation est-elle un client du SDC? En quoi est-ce que les services du SDC vont l’aider accroitre ses affaires au Canada? Pourquoi est-ce que cette organisation demande de l’appui au SDC?Veuillez ne pas inclure d’informations de nature publique. Veuillez sp cifier votre mission et la date.