Canadian SeafoodLink, Inc.

Seafood Products

Nova Scotia

Canadian SeafoodLink Inc. seeks out the highest quality fisheries. We partner with the best processors in Canada to assure that our customers and consumers around the world receive the highest quality seafood. We seek out well-managed, environmentally sound aquaculture and wild caught fisheries to meet the increasing demand for premium quality fish and shellfish.


  • Frozen Redfish
  • Frozen Cod
  • Frozen Greenland Halibut
  • Frozen Haddock
  • Herring
  • Mackerel
  • Live Eel
  • Capelin
  • Live Atlantic Lobster
  • Frozen Atlantic Lobster
  • Frozen Canadian Snow Crab
  • Frozen Whelk


  • Agrifood - Bulk
  • Agrifood - Seafood
  • Agrifood - Specialty
  • Store Location: Frozen