Earth Water International, Ltd.

Coffee Products, Tea Products, School Lunches for Children


The Earth Group exists entirely to provide school meals to children globally. We do this through a worldwide agreement with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) that sees us funding their school feeding programmes.

Earth Water is bottled local to each of the markets we operate in. We also source the caps, labels, and bottles as local as possible, which means we are able to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Rather than shipping a single source globally at a high cost to the environment, we work with spring and glacial water sources throughout the world. Earth Water is bottled in 500ml, 1L sport top and 1.5L bottles, and is available in 18.9L jugs for home and office use.

Earth Tea is one of the only Canadian grown teas on the market. Grown in Central Alberta, Earth Tea is picked by hand on a site where vehicles are not allowed, in an environment completely isolated from industry and any large populations. Earth Tea is washed by hand, dried, and packaged on site.

Earth Coffee is sourced globally from Eastern Africa, Indonesia, and Central & South America. We work strictly with fair trade, certified organic growers and farms, which means that the people who farm Earth Coffee are working in safe conditions, and are being paid fair, equitable wages. Our coffee buyers regularly visit the farms we work with to ensure that families are being treated well and that communities are given every opportunity to prosper and grow.

The Earth Group was certified as a B Corporation by the non-profit B Lab. This certification means that The Earth Group meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.


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