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Edde Almond Paste, Inc.

Nut Pastes, Fillings, Jellies, Dairy Products, Bakery Mixes, Creams, Chocolates



Edde Almond Paste Inc. is the leading Canadian producer of almond paste, kernel paste and hazelnut paste. We fulfill the needs of our customers for anything that involves pastes and purees, thus saving time and reducing costs.

full line of bakery and pastry ingredients, pie fillings and donuts. Almond paste, kernel paste, hazelnut paste, pralines, hazelnut and almond paste, nougat paste, gianduja mousse, glazes and mirrors, popping jelly, chocolate glazes, hazelnut and chocolate spreads. Dry mixes: assorted mousses, no-bake cheesecake, cold custard cream, sponge cake, cream cake; assorted muffin mixes; yeast donut mixes, colors, flavors, fondants

Updated: October 2023


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