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Canafen® fenugreek gum is manufactured from Canadian grown fenugreek seed. It can be used in the following food applications and more:

Improve crispness and mouthfeel in fried products
Improve freeze thaw with dumplings and bubble tea balls
Emulsifier to improve viscosity and emulsion stability
Improve bread loaf size and moisture retention
Improve mouth feel for drinks

The leading animal fenugreek extract, Nutrifen® is helping producers worldwide improve their animals health and their bottom line. Nutrifen® is manufactured in our world class facility using our patented technology. Producers know they are getting the best product as we only use the highest quality fenugreek seed grown in Canada to create Nutrifen®.

FenFiber® is a fenugreek fiber supplement that is made in Canada from fenugreek seed grown in Saskatchewan. FenFiber® specifications have a minimum of 90% total dietary fiber. The predominant fiber in FenFiber® is a soluble fiber consisting of a mannose backbone with galactose side units.
FenFiber® Benefits:
Control heart burn (take capsules 5-10 minutes before meal)
Control blood glucose levels
Lower cholesterol levels
Improve gut health
Traceable to the farmer who grew the fenugreek seed
Natural and gluten free


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