Emerson Milling, Inc.

oat groats, steel cut oats, whole oats, rolled oat flakes, quick cooking oats, oat flour, safflower

SINCE 1987 EMERSON MILLING INC. has been an industry leader in milling high quality oat groats (hulled oats) and steel cut oat groats. Ideally located in Central Canada on the United States border, Emerson Milling has access to all of North/South America as well as Europe and Asia. We offer high quality oat groats for every market with a variety of packaging and shipping options. Whether it is bag or bulk, truck, rail or container, Emerson Milling Inc. can deliver high quality oat products that will consistently meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Products are sold in 50lb bags or 2000lb bulk tote bags and bulk.


Updated: October 2023


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