Etter Seed Plant Proteins

peas and lentils for human and pet


Organic Farm Seed Supplier, Buyer and Exporter

We know how important it is to feed your families quality foods- because it’s also important to us. You can be assured that all of our Ingredients meet the highest standards when it comes to food safety. Our processing plant is fully insured and is a licensed cleaning facility through the Canadian Grain Commission. We are HACCP and Kosher certified.

At Etter Seed we are not only producers, we are also consumers. You can be confident in our commitment to bring you the highest quality ingredients to nourish your family. We want to feel good about the food we eat. This is why we strive to provide ingredients which are produced in ways to minimize our carbon footprint.

We are committed to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future. This includes Good Farming Practices that integrate biodiversity and ecosystem management for sustainable crop production.

We are buyers and exporters of pulses and grains for global markets. Etter Seed Plant Proteins offers an array of products for both human, and pet consumption. We ship in containers world-wide in quantities of:

  • Bulk
  • 1mt. totes
  • 25 kg. bags
  • 50kg bags
  • 100lb. bag

Pet food

  • pea flour
  • lentil flour
  • fibre from hulls
  • pea kibble

Human consumption

  • Split yellow peas
  • Split green peas
  • Chickpeas
  • Red Lentils
  • SM, M, L Green lentils
  • Beluga lentils
  • Dark Speckled lentils

Updated: October 2023


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