Falconglen, Ltd.


British Columbia

Located in Western Canada, in beautiful British Columbia, one of the world’s best locations for growing highbush blueberries. Falconglen Organic Farms is a nationally recognized premium organic blueberry brand that has built an excellent reputation for growing and supplying superior quality varieties of fresh organic blueberries, boxed in our uniquely designed eco-friendly retail packaging and sold through major grocery retailers across Canada. We also offer an expanded range of high quality organic blueberry superfood products such as frozen, freeze-dried, powdered and chocolates.


fresh blueberries
organic blueberries
freeze-dried blueberries
freeze-dried blueberry powder
dark chocolate covered blueberries
dark chocolate covered cranberries
green tea blend
herbal tea blend
black & white tea blend


  • Agrifood
  • Store Location: Frozen


  • Organic Certified