Gattuso, Inc.

cheese crisp snacks, cheese blocks, organic and lactose free cheeses, vegan cheese style products


Gattuso produces and distributes a wide variety of specialty cheese products with lactose-free, dairy-based cheese and vegan offerings. Their three brands are GROKsi, Biobio, Nature & Moi. GROKsi are self-stable crisp snacks made from 100% cheese and free from preservatives and fillers. Biobio is a line of organic, dairy-based bfut lactose free cheeses that are non-GMO. Nature & Moi offers dairy-free cheese style products that are vegan and free from lactose, gluten, soy, and palm oil.


  • Agrifood
  • Agrifood - Dairy
  • Agrifood - Specialty
  • Store Location: Grocery
  • Store Location: Refrigerated


  • Gluten-free
  • Natural
  • Organic Certified
  • Vegan