Gillis Seafood

Seafood Products

Nova Scotia

Gillis Seafood supplies a wide selection of sustainable, quality seafood products to restaurants, grocery store chains and institutions throughout the United States and Eastern Canada. They offer fresh, frozen, salted, smoked and live seafood options. To further enhance food safety, they are certified to SQF 2000 standards under GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).


Artic char fresh dressed
Artic char fresh filet
Bluefish fresh dressed
Bluefish fresh filet
Capelin dried
Capelin smoked
Catfish fresh filet
Catfish shatter pack
Chowder mix frozen
Clam meat frozen
clam fresh live
cod cellos
cod cheek fresh
cod filet previously frozen
cod fresh dressed
cod fresh filet
cod IQF filet
cod loin 3 oz
salt cod
cod smoked filet frozen
crab and Pollock blend frozen
crab clusters frozen
rock crab meat salad
snow crab meat frozen
cusk filet
flounder filet
haddock beer pattered portions
haddock filet fresh
haddock filet frozen
haddock cello
hake fresh
halibut filet fresh
halibut whole
halibut frozen
halibut steaks fresh
halibut steaks frozen
herring salt
herring smoked
herring marinated
kipper smoked
lobster fresh cooked
lobster fresh raw
lobster meat
lobster meat knuckle and claw
mackeral filet fresh
mackeral whole fresh
mackeral salt filet
mackeral smoked filet plain
mackeral smoked filet peppered
mahi mahi
marlin loin
mussels live
monktail fresh
octopus whole frozen
perch fresh filet
perch fresh whole
perch shatter pack
Pollock choice salt
Roe fresh
Salon fresh
Salmon filet
Salmon head
Salmon portions frozen
Salmon portions fresh
Salmon smoked filet
Salmon smoked twist
Salmon steaks fresh
Salmon tail fresh
Salmon trim fresh
Salmon trim frozen
Scallop broken
Scallops previously frozen
Scallops IQF
Scallops breaded
Scallops fresh
Skate wing
Smelt fresh
Smelt frozen
Smelt previously frozen
Sole cellos
Sole filet frozen
Sole filet IQF
Sole filet previously frozen
Sole filet fresh
Sole shatter pack
Squid fresh
Squid tube and tentacle frozen
Squid tube frozen
Squid whole frozen
Swordfish fresh
Swordfish frozen
Swordfish loin
Trout filet frozen
Trout filet fresh
Rainbow trout whole
Speckled trout whole
Steel head trout filet fresh
Steel head trout whole
Tuna fresh
Tuna frozen
Tuna loin
Tuna steak frozen
Turbot fresh
Turbot filet fresh
Turbot salt


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