Grand Ocean International Trading, Ltd.

Seafood Products

British Columbia

With its headquarter located in Vancouver Canada, Grand Ocean International Trading Ltd. is a reputational trading company in the area. Our company has a large seafood processing plant owning a refrigerated warehouse, freezer and ultra-low temperature freezer and seafood processing workshop. Our products are supplied directly to supermarkets, restaurants and business groups in all regions of Canada. Our export products include Canadian wild sea cucumber, sea urchin, spot prawn, geoduck, crab, black cod and other high-end seafood from the west coast of Canada. Our company has rich experience in international market operation, stable international customer resources formed by long-term cooperation and years of marketing channels, and has cultivated a professional team proficient in international trade and skilled business operation. Grand Ocean International Group owns sea cucumber fishing licenses and fishing vessels and cooperates with experienced fishermen to catch the best quality Canadian seafood. First-hand supply, quality control! We promise to deliver the best quality Canadian products to customers around the world.


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