Green Seafoods, Ltd.

Sea Cucumber, Dried Mussels, Frozen Organic Mussels

Newfoundland and Labrador

Green Seafoods specializes in shellfish and sea cucumber production and processing. Their production ranges from whole frozen to retail ready Snow Crab, Whelk, Sea Cucumber and Cultured Blue Mussels.


sea cucumber Size: 1lb Retail Bag, 20lb Carton, Farmed and harvested year round, our BAP Certified mussels are available in a range of blanched or cooked, plain or value-added formats.

dried mussels Size: 1lb Retail Bag, 20lb Carton

welk Size: 15kg Carton

frozen organic mussels Size: 1lb Vac-Pack Bags (Plain or Printed) 10 x 1lb per carton, 2lb Vac-Pack Bags (Plain or Printed) 5 x 2lb per carton, 500g Vac-Pack Bags (Plain or Printed) 10 x 500g per carton, 9080g (20lb) Carton


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