Infusions by Charlie & Sams

Flavored Chocolate Bars, Maple Cream Bites, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate


Join the creators of Charlie & Sam’s whose inspiration for their exquisite collection of chocolates began years ago by turning their hopes and dreams into exciting adventures. Best friends Charlie, with her love for adventure and Sam, with his creative ways, were very different, but as close as two friends could be. On their adventures the two would often bond over great food and drinks, but realized that delicious chocolate treats was their true passion. The company was born! Be part of our journey as we experience our love for chocolate and delicious confections through our unique and wonderful tales. We continue to experiment with different flavour combinations, to bring you a sensational taste experience. Enjoy the adventure!


chocolate bars, flavors including: pretzedential, dark chocolate drizzled caramel corn, grand cran trio, maple cream bites, milk chocolate, dark chocolate


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