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Italpasta, Ltd.

pasta products including whole grain, gluten free, high fibre and vegetable pastas
Brampton, Ontario

Booth number: 6200

The story of Italpasta begins many years ago when our founder Joseph Vitale fell in love with food in his mother’s kitchen in Bari, Italy when he was just a little boy. Founded in 1989, Italpasta is still driven by that passion and love for food today. It is the driving force behind the quality products we produce, the care we take and the pride we have in the entire range of products we bring to you.

Inspired by Italy but proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated, Italpasta has grown to be one of the premiere pasta manufacturers in Canada. Our pasta is made with 100% Canadian wheat recognized the world over as the highest quality and is made right here in Canada with love and care, by our dedicated team of experts.

Updated 10/23


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