JS Ferraro Canada Inc

Meat Distributor



BTB March 2020: from website; Founded in 1988 in Guelph, Ontario, by John Ferraro, J.S. Ferraro (formerly Retail Ready Foods Inc.) began as meat distributor for underserviced independent retailers leveraging the Canada-US price differential. Horizons Guidance on Trading Houses Each time a trading house requests Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) service, you must first establish that the product being sold provides significant economic benefit to Canada. Significant economic benefit to Canada must be determined for each service request and product as trading houses generally deal with a multitude of products and often do not transform the product they are reselling. If you have doubts that the product is of Canadian origin, request from the trading house a list of their suppliers and a contact at each to verify this information. If the product is not of Canadian origin or if there is not some kind of value-added in Canada (e.g. Canadian trading house exporting shoes from China to Costa Rica), the company will not qualify for TCS service for that particular service request and should be referred to an appropriate resource.


  • Commodity
  • Livestock
  • Meat & Poultry