Maison Le Grand

plant-based pestos, sauces, spreads, Italian sauces, Soup


Maison Le Grand is first and foremost a philosophy. A plant philosophy…We genuinely believe in plants and their power to heal and bring us together. Before we act, we ask ourselves what is our intention? To make a buck or to really add value to the planet? We are here to protect the planet and the plants’ voices. More plants grown with consciousness. Ultimately, we need to eat more plants. For energy. For vitality. Mantra our inspiration Vibrate with Life It’s about cooking together and being together. When you combine food and community, you have fortitude. Our founders take a lot of pleasure in creating food for others that’s also good for you. Co-founder and Creative Chef Bernard says “The Foundation of our message is that there is no distinction between what we feed our kids and what we are feeding you. We are passionate and take deep pride in that. We cook for you. “Food is our opportunity to bring people together and exchange an experience. Let’s grow together. Let’s wake up.

LeGrand manufactures and markets fresh pestos, sauces, and premium soups, made from natural ingredients. Our products are cooked every week only from fresh ingredients, without GMOs or preservatives. Our products are inspired by both the gourmet character of fine European cuisine and the natural and healthy influence of the West Coast.


  • Agrifood
  • Agrifood - Plant-based
  • Store Location: Grocery
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  • Clean Label
  • Organic Certified
  • Vegan