Nautical Seafoods Ltd

fresh lobster, live lobster, fresh scallops, frozen lobster tails, frozen lobster meat

Nova Scotia

Nautical Seafoods Ltd. was established in 2009 when Shawn Everett, President and Owner, returned home after fishing in Newfoundland for 20 years. Shawn has been a fisherman all of his life and appreciates the hard work fisherman put in catching their product. Nautical Seafoods Ltd. has rapidly grown by building strong relationships with local fisherman. The Company is located in Parker’s Cove, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. Our facility sits next to the rich cold waters of the Bay of Fundy home to hard shell lobster and high quality scallops. Geographically we are located near 3 lobster fishing districts which allows us to buy product 10 months of the year and for us to have product year round.


  • Agrifood - Seafood
  • Store Location: Frozen