North West Terminal Ltd

grain-handling facility


North West Terminal Ltd. (NWT), incorporated in Saskatchewan on February 23, 1993, began operations in June of 1996. The Company owns and operates an inland-grain terminal and bio-products production facility on the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific rail networks near Unity, Saskatchewan. Ownership of NWT is widely held by approximately 1,000 shareholders, the majority of which are area-farmers.

We are pleased that the company is entering its 26th year of operations and look forward to the opportunity to continue serving the community. As our mission states, we are here to create value for our customers and shareholders which are members of the local community. To this end, we are hopeful that we are having a positive impact.

Farmers established NWT in order to bring competition to the region through better prices and improved service. The concept for the company is modelled after the success of Weyburn Inland Terminal Ltd. (WIT). Where a group of like-minded farmers decided to move up the value chain and construct their own grain-handling facility with the principles of innovation, economies of scale and leading-edge technology.

NWT’s facility at Unity began as a state-of-the-art 1.2 million bushel (32,000 metric tonne) inland-grain terminal designed with large-capacity grain cleaning and shipping capabilities.

NWT’s focus has expanded as the company has grown over the last 29 years. NWT is an owner of Alliance Grain Terminal Ltd. (AGT). AGT owns and operates a 102,000 tonne bulk grain terminal in Vancouver, British Columbia. NWT is also a shareholder of Alliance Seed Company Ltd. (ASC). This company works with local seed growers to fulfill their objective of providing top performing varieties of seed to Western Canadian farmers.


Updated: October 2023


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