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VM Food Group

Bulk, instant oatmeals, hot cereals
Concord, Ontario

Booth number: 6714

VM Food Group provides quality, natural, whole grain products for your private brands. We manufacture and distribute oatmeal and other cereal related products, servicing businesses across North America including servicing more than 12 of the top 50 North American food & grocery retailers. We offer a variety of clean-label, natural, organic and added-value formulations that meet the highest regulatory and compliance standards across a variety of packaging formats to meet your customer’s needs.

Updated 11/23


  • 0 - PLMA 2023
  • Agrifood - Snack
  • Store Location: Grocery


  • Clean Label
  • Gluten-free
  • Kosher
  • Natural
  • Organic Certified


  • Currently exporting to the U.S.
  • FDA Approved