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Honey Bunny

creamed and liquid organic canadian honey
Guy, Alberta

Gilbert Wolfe has always been sweet on bees. As a child, he spent hours observing honeybees in the fields of northern Alberta where he grew up. His first summer job was extracting honey for a local beekeeper. When he was sixteen, Gilbert convinced his father to buy him fifty beehives. Over 25 years later, Gilbert, his wife Sharon and their three children, have grown that initial honey crop into Canada’s largest organic apiary with full production, packaging and distribution capabilities. Many things have changed since those early days. The granary has been replaced by a 40,000-square-foot processing facility. Fifty hives have become thousands and 22 full-time employees help to produce and process high volumes of organic honey every year. What hasn’t changed is Gilbert and Sharon’s commitment to creating the highest quality organic honey entirely from the beautiful Peace River region they call home. Honey Bunny Inc. strives to be an innovative, industry leader in the processing of honey using honey as an ingredient. We must utilize the raw crop products grown in our surroundings to market a “finished in the Peace” product line.


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