Canadian Flavors Food Festival

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SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, and HIGHLY BENEFICIAL natural health products suitable for all family members

We are a Canadian health company that produces unique health products in Canada under our own brand. All our products are developed, processed, packaged and quality tested in Canada. We have successfully developed and consolidated our brand position in the Chinese market with sales exceeding $30M last year. With our notable pharmaceutical and scientific R&D team, we continue to develop highly competitive health products. Due to our expertise in botanical analysis and extraction techniques, some of our products are unique and cannot be replicated by competitors. This allows our products to gain a firm foothold in the market attracting international consumers’ attention. The uniqueness of our products, high-quality assurance, scientific research, and laboratory reports are what make us unique in the market.

Product list:

– Canada Gem – Real Dual Extracted Canadian Wild Chaga Capsules

– Unique Formula – Targeted Health Booster Series: NMN 12000mg – Youth Fountain / Pure Lung / Fatty Liver Protector / Neuro Booster / Eye Shield / Joint Support / Osteocalcium / Prostate Care / Sexual Strength / Mood Sleep Rescue / Natural Adult Vitamin D3 Essential Drops + DHA + Folate

– Beauty Secret Series: Beauty Secret 20+ (Nourishing & Slimming Powder) / Beauty Nu Skin 25+ (Brightening & Moisturizing Capsules) / Beauty Eternity 40+ (Nourishing & Revitalizing Capsules) / Beauty Vigor Probiotics (Balancing & Feminizing Capsules)

Minimum order: 1 case (50 bottles) per product

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Festival Participation Days:

  • 3/22 - Monday


  • Health & Wellness


  • Free from gluten
  • Free from lactose
  • Free from nuts
  • Free from artificial colors and flavors
  • Free from conservation agents / preservatives
  • Halal Certified
  • Kosher Certified
  • Free from magnesium stearate