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Real Organics & Naturals House Ltd. (Real House Canada)

health food & supplement
Richmond, British Columbia

Real House Canada is a Canadian health company established in 2016 that produces unique health products here in Canada, all under our own brand. All of our products are developed, processed, packaged and quality tested in Canada. Our notable pharmaceutical and scientific R&D team has dedicated years of research prior to launching in order to create natural health products that are SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, AND HIGHLY BENEFICIAL, suitable for all family members. Due to our expertise in botanical analysis and extraction techniques, some of our products are unique and cannot be replicated by competitors, specifically our Dual-Extracted Canadian Wild Chaga product, which gives our products a firm foothold in the market. We are the only producer in North America providing Chaga products with the highest potency of medicinal ingredients, as proven by lab test, thanks to our patent-pending technology. The uniqueness of our products, high-quality assurance, scientific research, and laboratory reports are what make us unique in the market.

Our Mission: Our goal is to be an innovative Canadian Brand that promotes a healthy lifestyle and aims to bring distinctive Canadian products to the International market. Our team makes use of current biotechnology, modern research, and natural/organic, local sources to continuously develop groundbreaking natural health products in order for customers to take confidence in buying specific, top-quality Canadian products. We’re the only company in North America with innovative dual-extraction technology and experiences to extract both water-soluble and insoluble ingredients from Canadian Wild Chaga and other mushrooms(fungi). Through our technology, its medicinal ingredients can be greatly improved, thereby increasing the market value of Canadian mushrooms (fungi). In addition, our process can diversify the product forms of Canadian mushrooms (fungi), especially in powder form that can extend its lifespan. This technology not only benefits the entire agricultural industry in Canada but also enhances the visibility and impact of Canadian natural nutraceuticals in the global marketplace.



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