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Wendell Estate Honey

creamed honey
Roblin, Manitoba

John Wendell purchased his first bee hives in the 1930s near the village of MacNutt, Saskatchewan. John and Alvera’s son, Tim and his wife Isabel took over the honey farm in 1974. Recently their sons, first Nathan, and then Jeremy, returned from abroad, young families in tow, to join the family beekeeping business. Wendell Honey is still based on the original site near the village of MacNutt, Saskatchewan, but has grown to become a modern honey producer with over 4,000 producing colonies and more than 50 employees in the peak harvest season. The Wendells are deeply involved in all aspects of the honey and beekeeping industry, from collaborating on international research projects, to educating beekeepers at home and abroad, to serving on the board of directors of the Saskatchewan Beekeeping Development Commission, all while continuing to be hands-on in the day-to-day operations of commercial beekeeping. While most of the premium Canadian white honey harvested at Wendell Honey was sold in bulk as a commodity, every year the finest honey would be reserved for sale as creamed honey in small containers. In 2011, Tim and Isabel launched the Wendell Estate Honey brand with the goal of providing an artisanal raw honey to consumers across Canada who lack access to a trusted local apiary. Wendell Estate Honey is completely raw and unprocessed. Nothing is added and nothing is removed from the pure prairie-blossom honey. It is unblended and unbatched: every drop is produced by our bees on our farm, harvested by us, and bottled fresh on location. We provide a raw, unprocessed, sustainably-produced food while promoting real, natural foods as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Wendell Estate was honored that their commitment to honey perfection was recently recognized in 2 major international awards. At the 2019 World Beekeeping Awards Wendell Estate won the gold medal. Wendell Estate Honey was the only North American Honey to be awarded Platinum (the highest award) at the 2020 London International Honey Awards

No herbicides, pesticides, poisons or chemical “bee boards.” We employ solar-powered electric fences to keep bears out of the bee yards.


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  • Low glycemic index
  • Appropriate Antibiotic Use
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  • Traceable to the field