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Alimentation Gusta

vegan sausages, seitan loaves, cheeses and spread
Montreal, Quebec

Gusta is a 100% vegan foods manufacturing site and taste factory. The proximity with merchants at the Jean-Talon Market, in Montreal, gives Gusta access to the best veggies and spices. Gusta offers five kinds of sausages, two loafs and one pizzaroni made from seitan flour and four grating blocks. Our vegan sausages and seitan loaves get their flavour from succulent vegetables seasoned with the perfect herbs and spices. Some people find that they taste like meat. Our vegan cheeses are made with coconut oil base and flavoured with spices and nutritional yeast, which provides them with a cheesy taste. They have a solid form when chilled, but will melt perfectly, adding a little extra punch to your dishes. You can use them in anything you like: pizzas, cheese-topped dishes, grilled-cheese sandwiches, pasta, raclettes, etc.



  • Animal Product Alternative
  • Diverse Supplier


  • Clean Label
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  • Free from nuts
  • Vegan