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organic pasta made from only chickpeas and lentils
Collingwood, Ontario

Founded by Shelby Taylor in 2015, Chickapea was created to provide a nutritious, convenient and familiar meal option to families dealing with time constraints, picky eaters, allergies and health issues. As a former health food store owner and new mom, Shelby recognized the challenge of putting a healthy meal on the table that everyone would enjoy, so she turned a family favorite (pasta) into a superfood. Chickapea’s organic pasta made from only chickpeas and lentils hit store shelves in 2016.

At its core, Chickapea is a force for good, making it easier for people to lead healthier lives and support sustainable, organic farming practices. But they don’t stop there, ensuring the business is not just benefiting those that consume their products, but those in the greatest need around the world, as well as their farmers, suppliers and employees. Three cents from the sale of every box of Chickapea is donated to WE Charity’s school nutrition program.

In 2020, the organic pasta line now includes five pasta shapes made from only chickpeas and lentils (spirals, penne, shells, spaghetti and linguine) and another healthified version of a family favorite—a Vegan Mac with macaroni elbows and a savory sweet potato, pumpkin and cauliflower sauce.

Chickapea is available through distribution in the US.


  • Animal Product Alternative
  • Diverse Supplier
  • Less Chemicals
  • Wealth Builder


  • Clean Label
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic / Natural


  • B-Corp
  • Free from top 8 allergens
  • Vegan