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Entomo Farms

cricket powder and whole roasted crickets
Norwood, Ontario

Entomo Farms was founded in 2014 by three brothers who had a strong commitment to the environment. With their previous experience raising insects for the reptile trade, they wanted to apply their expertise to address the growing concern that we can’t feed our future population of 9 billion people protein like we do today. Insects provide a nutritious and sustainable alternative protein source that is already enjoyed by people around the world. Along the way, we’ve learned how beneficial insects are to health with high levels of Vitamin B12 and prebiotic fiber for a healthy gut biome; they are more than just protein!

We use an indoor “free-range” method so our crickets are NOT raised in bins. Legally they must be raised indoors, but they are free to roam within a 4000 square foot room. Food and water are always available, along with structures where they can spread out and hide (natural behaviours.) They are euthanized in seconds with CO2 onsite (no transportation.) We do not use any hormones or antibiotics.


  • Ecosystem Emphasis
  • Humane Practices
  • Wealth Builder


  • Clean Label
  • Organic / Natural


  • Antibiotic Free
  • Hormone Free