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Hayter’s Farm

Dashwood, Ontario

We know that treatment matters to you, and it’s our key priority, so we take extra care with our turkeys. We use an intense hands-on approach, checking into the barns every 2–3 hours to ensure they have all they need. Extra pampering, like consistent fresh bedding and water, makes a stress-free environment for our birds. Over 30 years ago, our forefather Harry Hayter free ranged his prized turkeys — until he lost an entire flock in a heat wave. The very next year, he built his first open-sided barn, and Hayter’s turkeys have been better protected ever since. Barns shelter our turkeys from the extreme heat and cold, and safeguard against predators and diseases. Open sides let in a breeze from Lake Huron, providing a comfortable environment. Their feed is primarily made of corn, wheat, and soybeans. However, turkeys are omnivores, and our feed is fortified with vitamins, minerals and protein to provide the nutrition they need. At Hayter’s, we never have — and never will — use steroids and added hormones.

Humanely Raised; Humane Transport & Handling; Humane Slaughter. On-farm processing reduces stress due to transport. Appropriate use of antibiotics – We truly care about our turkeys, and believe it’s most humane to nurse ill turkeys back to health. At Hayter’s farm, antibiotics are never used for growth promotion, and they are always prescribed by a veterinarian. When antibiotics are necessary to our birds’ health, we adhere to a strict withdrawal period before processing. This ensures there is no antibiotic residue left in the turkey’s system. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency consistently tests our product to confirm they are antibiotic-free and safe.


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